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Intro and Info



Relm: Okay I’ve decided to take an ordinary fairy tale and give it a slight twist. I’ve replaced them all with the slayers cast. After reading all those fairy tale/fanfiction slayers stories I decided to make one of my own, and the story “Sleeping Beauty”.
Lina: Oh! Do I get to be sleeping beauty?
Gourry: Yeah right who would have a flat chested little girl like you play a lead?
Lina: Why you! FIREBALL!!!
Relm (backing away grimacing at the newly charred blond swordsman): Ah, Lina could you refrain from beating up the cast?
Lina (smiles innocently): Who me?
Relm: -_-
Amelia: So who gets to play the lead Miss Relm?
Relm: I’m getting to that. Just give me a moment. Okay here’s the cast list:
Sleeping Beauty: Amelia
Prince: Zelgadis
King: Prince Phil
Fairy of Water: Sylphiel
Fairy of Wind: Filia
Fairy of Fire: Lina
Fairy of Earth: Luna
Evil Fairy: Naga
Frog: Xellos
Extras: Anyone whose left
Relm: There.
Relm (holding her now hurting ears): Lina please don’t shout…
Amelia (gets starry eyed and stares off dreamily into space): Wow I’m playing the lead…
Relm: -_- Uh, excuse me Amelia (taps Amelia on the shoulder) you aren’t playing the lead.
Amelia: Huh? What do mean???!!!! It’s says right there ‘Sleeping Beauty: Amelia’ now doesn’t it?
Relm: Amelia you agree with me in saying that the lead has the most lines right?
Amelia: Yeah so?
Relm: Sleeping Beauty barely has any, provided you aren’t watching the Disney version that is. So you aren’t playing the lead.
Amelia: Bu-but-
Relm: No if, ands, or buts!
Zelgadis: Why do I have to play the prince?
Relm (looks around at the other guys in the room): Do I really need to answer that one?
Zelgadis: -_-
Gourry: Do I have a part?
Relm: Opps! Must have forgot you. I know you can be the narrator! You can read, can you?
Gourry: Um, yeah…
Relm: Great you’re hired!
Zelgadis (flipping through the scrip) Hey why the hell is the fruitcake (-deleted-)? Hey what just happened?
Relm: Sorry Zel, you can’t give away stuff in the script.
Zelgadis: Damn it! Why does he have to be a frog and (-deleted-)? There’s no way I’m going to be in this stupid story with Xellos being (-deleted-)! And would stop doing that!
Relm: Sorry.
Xellos: Now what is Zelgadis getting so worked up over? (flips through the script) Oh. Now that is interesting. But why do I have to start off as a frog?
Filia: I say it’s a fitting role for you. (gives Xellos an evil glare.)
Sylphiel: Um, excuse me Miss Relm? Next time could you do a story involving me and… (starts blushing.)
Relm (smiles coyly.) A certain Blondie? Well that would be an interesting project. I’ll consider it for something latter. Anyway on with the show!


Sleeping Amelia


By Relm Wanderer


Gourry: So we start out our story with in the good and wealthy kingdom of Sailune ruled over by a kindhearted King named Phil. King Phil thought the world of his people and wanted the best for them all, including his newborn baby girl Amelia. For good luck for Amelia, King Phil had a large party in her honor and invited lots of people to meet her. Nearly everyone came to this party, including King Tenthis of Veldron and his two sons. Phil and Tenthis had made an agreement to have their oldest children marry when they were older. King Tenthis was glad of this arrangement and made sure that his eldest son Prince Zelgadis would meet his future wife. Little Zelgadis couldn’t have cared less about the whole thing. If it hadn’t been for his father, Zelgadis would have gone and caused mischief at the party with his little brother, you know what kids would normally do at his age.
Prince Zelgadis wasn’t the only one who wasn’t enjoying themselves. The three good fairies of Lal were invited to bless the new princess. Lina was the one who wasn’t enjoying herself. Luna, her older sister was the fairy of the Earth and since Luna had to go she made Lina go with her. Lina wasn’t a fairy, but would become one when she got her wings. Till then Lina was forced to follow wherever Luna, Sylphiel the fairy of Water and Filia the fairy of Wind went.
“Why am I here Luna?”
“To learn Lina. You are supposed to watch what we do at ceremonies like this.”
“What do you guys usually do?”
“We bless a royal family’s child with our gifts of magic to bring him/her luck. To bless a prince or princess means to prevent them to become evil or unfit rulers of a kingdom.”
“Oh. Do I get to bless the baby?”
“No it isn’t needed. And hush up now, King Phil is about the speak.”
“Friends, I thank you for coming to this occasion to join me in my joy. It makes me very happy to know that my little Amelia would have so many that care about her, especially you the good fairies of Lal.”
Filia, Sylphiel and Luna smiled as they walked over to the newborn Princess.
“To you I give my blessing of beauty. May your life be beautiful and bright as your grace and innocence, with a body of an angel and a heart of gold.” Filia said as she waved her wand over Amelia’s head.
“From me, you shall receive my gift of strength. May your heart be filled with courage and strength so that you may defeat whatever evil stands in your way and not be become evil in your soul.” Luna spoke softly waving her wand too, over the little baby’s head.
“And last I give you the blessing of love. May in your life may you find your true love and total happiness.” Sylphiel finished, waving her wand over the girl completing the ceremony.
“OHOHOHOHOHOHOH!!!! Now what is this?????!!!! You dare have a party and not invite me???”
Everyone looks up to see Naga the dark fairy hovering in the air. Naga had been banished from the fairies of Lal because of her practice in the dark arts. Since then she had become an evil fairy causing pain and misery wherever she went.
“Why are you here, dark fairy?”
“OHOHOHOHOHOHOH!!!! Why to give my blessing to the dear child of course!”
“Stay away from the princess!” Luna said forcefully as she, Filia, and Sylphiel stood in front of Princess Amelia.
“OHOHOHOHOHOHOH!!! You honestly think you can stop me???? DARK FLARE!”
A dark purple energy appeared at Naga’s fingertips and shot forward at the three fairies.
“FIREBALL!” Lina shot at Naga’s Dark Flare, canceling it out.
“Humph! Now what is this? The fairy of Earth’s little sister. My, she hasn’t even become the fairy of Fire yet and she can already control a lot of the power all ready. Well no matter, no one can stop me!”
Naga teleported behind the fairies and with another Dark Flare sent them flying.
“Now for my blessing. May the day that comes when you are pricked on the finger by a spinning wheel cause you to fall into a deep sleep that you cannot awake from! Mwhahahahahahaha!” Naga waved her wand over Amelia’s head sealing the fate, and then Naga disappeared, with only her laugh left fading in the wind.
“Oh no! What we going to do?! My poor Amelia!”
Lina got up and walked over to the newly cursed Princess.
“Well I may not be a full fairy yet but I can do something. To you, young cursed one; with my power of fate I put the kingdom to sleep with you on that day, till the day that your true love, your Prince Charming will find you. And on that day with your true love found may he kiss you to break the sleep spell.” Lina waved her wand on little Amelia’s head.
“Well Lina, looks like you got to bless the child after all. King Phil, listen to me. What Lina has done is made it so that if the curse comes true you will all fall asleep with her in an enchanted sleep so that you will not age. We’ll set it up so that thorn vines shall sprout up to protect the castle if the curse comes true. What you have to do is make sure that Amelia stays away any spinning wheels.”
“Okay thank you kind fairies.”
After dealing with all the preparations the fairies left and went back to Lal to deal with other matters.
Many years latter, Princess Amelia grew to be a beautiful and wonderful girl with all the blessing of the fairies. Under Luna’s instructions King Phil kept Amelia away from any spinning wheels. Unfortunately they had not anticipated that Naga would get the curse to happen anyway. With magic, Naga disguised herself as an old woman and teleported into one of the towers with a spinning wheel. Using more magic Naga lured Amelia to the tower. Amelia in shock of the sight of the spinning wheel was surprised, but she did not leave. She had been told to stay away from them but didn’t know why. Curiosity got the best of her and went to touch the spinning wheel. Amelia pricked her finger on the needle part and felt darkness sweep over her. Before everyone fell asleep, King Phil placed her daughter in a royal bed with flowers surrounding her. 
Meanwhile back in Lal, Luna had left in a hurry leaving for some unknown reason. She had left a letter that told of what was going to happen to Princess Amelia. Luna left detailed instructions about what they were to do. Apparently the fairy guild had known that this was going to happen no matter what. They informed Luna and gave her a scroll that told of a prophecy. One that she wasn’t to take part in. It said that:
On the day of slumber, 3 fairies will take the Princess’, Prince Charming to break through the barrier of thorns to awaken the girl with a kiss. Water to heal, wind to guide, and fire to aide. They will seek Prince Charming, a prince from her past.
So with Luna gone, Filia, Sylphiel and Lina the new fairy of Fire were sent off to find Prince Charming.
“So where can we find this guy?”
“With wind as a guide we will find him.” Filia said as they flew in the air.
“Okay then. But why isn’t Luna here with us? Where did she go?”
“Lina I’m not sure, but she has a reason, whatever it is.”
Lina scoffed and then looked at the note Luna had left her:
Have to go. Be back later. Oh by the way the curse came true and Amelia’s asleep. Follow through these steps:
1)      Find Prince from the past.
2)      Bring him to castle.
3)      Cut throw thorn vines
4)      Kiss Princess to wake her up.
And you know the rest. Don’t mess this up or you are dead.
Have a nice day.
Your Big Sister,


‘Have a nice day? For crying out loud! This is just like Luna to do something like this!’ Lina thought grimly. She was annoyed and didn’t quite trust Filia about ‘the wind being a guide.’ Still they didn’t have any other leads so they were just going to have to deal with it.
“Filia, why don’t we just go to Veldron castle? Shouldn’t he be there?”
“I thought that as well Sylphiel, but when I faced the direction of the castle I felt a strong sense from the wind that it was the wrong way.”
“What is the wind telling you now?”
“That we are very close. Oh wait down there!” Filia stopped and pointed by a wooded area with a lake.
“He’s down there!”
The three fairies go to where Filia said and landed softly on the wild grass.
“So where the hell is he?”
“Whose there?” A rich tenor voice called from afar.
“Show yourself and we’ll tell you.”
A man dressed from head to toe in ivory appears from behind a tree. He had on an ivory long sleeved tunic, ivory pants, ivory hood and mask, ivory cape, plus ivory gloves. What was strange was that he was holding a small green frog. You also couldn’t see much of the guy except for a portion of his face witched appeared to be made out of stone. He obviously wasn’t the prince they were looking for.
“Oh sorry, we are looking for someone. Tell me have you seen a prince around here by any chance?”
The strange man shook his head.
“Darn. And the wind told us he was here. Oh well sorry to bother you.” Filia and Sylphiel turned to walk away quickly. The man was giving them both the creeps. Lina was the only one who didn’t find the guy creepy and was about to follow her fellow fairies when she walked back over to the man and stood right in front of him. She looked at him straight in the eye, thinking hard on why he looked so familiar. The man tried to match her intense glare to get her to stop and leave, but soon found that she was unfazed by his stare. If anything her glare was getting to him. A suddenly moment of realization appears on her face. Lina then quickly pulls down the hood and mask of the stranger.
“Ah ha! Thought so! Prince Zelgadis of Veldron! Well you’ve grown quite a bit and your hair and skin have acquired an interesting color, but you still look the same, what a cutie.”
Zelgadis goes bug eyed. ‘’I’m still the SAME? I look like a hideous monster and she thought I looked CUTE? What planet was this girl from?’
Filia and Sylphiel looked shocked but quickly realized that Lina was right. It was Prince Zelgadis.
“Um, err, Prince Zelgadis! You need to come with us!”
“Princess Amelia’s curse has come true, she is in a deep sleep and only you can awaken her!”
“So you’re telling me that, that stupid girl pricked herself with a spinning wheel even after she was warned and everything? Talk about dumb!”
(Amelia starts whimpering in the background. Amelia: You don’t really mean that do you? Am I really stupid Miss Relm?
Relm get’s an annoyed and exasperating expression on her face. Relm: AMELIA!!! We are doing the story right now, YOU SHOULDN’T BE INTERRUPTING!!! As for the stupid thing, well I’m sorry I have to give some sort of explanation for why you did it. I mean who would touch something that would put you into deep and eternal sleep?! It’s stupid! OKAY?!?!?!?
Amelia: sorry.)
“I know but you have to save her! You have to go there, kiss her and then the two of you can get married and live happily ever after.”
“Why would I want to marry her in the first place?”
“Because you’re supposed to! It’s your destiny. Besides she probably wont care that you look like a demon.”
“What are you talking about he doesn’t look a demon! He looks just fine!” Another outburst from Lina that totally mystifies Zelgadis.
“Excuse me, if you haven’t noticed I DO look like a freak.”
“Wow what a low opinion of yourself. No wonder you walk around with the mask. Well who cares about that now! Okay so you aren’t that thrilled with having to marry Amelia, that’s fine we’ll deal with that later. The fact of the matter is that there is a very important kingdom with all of its’ people in a deep sleep. Other countries depend on the imports and protection for their livelihood. If you don’t help them, then you are condemning not one kingdom but many people in the process. Do you really want that on your head?”
“Okay then, we’re off to Sailune. Oh by the way I’m Lina, your resident fairy of Fire. That’s Sylphiel, fairy of water, and the blond one is Filia, fairy of wind. Now tell me, do you know magic, or are we going to have to carry your stony hide in the sky?”
“I can use magic so don’t worry about me.”
“Rib bit!” Zelgadis’ frog decides to draw attention to himself.
“Hey what’s with the frog anyway?”
“He has to come with me wherever I go.”
“Friend of yours?’
(With that Zelgadis can’t stand it anymore and is about to hurl Mr. Xellos the Frog to the nether realms. Relm gets a crossed expression and holds up a sign saying, “Throw him and guess what happens in the story with him gone!” Zelgadis thinks for a moment sulks and realizes that she is right. He decides to continue on with the story, but he’s not happy with it.)
“His name is Xellos, he was cursed, he’s not my friend, and no I’m not going to tell you anymore.”
“Xellos, huh? Now why does that name sound so familiar? Oh wait I think I remember Luna saying something about a guy named Xellos before, but I don’t remember what.
Anyway lets get a move on.”
So our heroes fly to Sailune, three fairies, one prince and err a frog. Upon reaching Sailune they noticed that the thorn vines Luna planted worked, in fact they worked to well. You couldn’t tell which was the front and which was the back, because there was so many vines.
“Figures, just like Luna to go overboard with the enchanted plants. And why thorn vines? They are the most annoying ones to cut. When we cut them more just grow in their place.”
“Luna chose these ones because they are harder to get through. You don’t want anyone raiding the castle while no one is protecting it now do you?”
“Oh well, better get started.”
“What do I have to do?”
“Start cutting the vines with your sword.”
“Hey why are you guys still here anyway?”
“We’re here to help you. We each have a specific duty.”
“And that would be what?”
“Well, Filia interprets the wind to use it as a guide for us. To tell us where we’re going on if we are going the right way. Sylphiel uses the holy powers of water to heal any injuries we may get.”
“What about you? What is your specialty?”
“Magic I suppose.”
“Okay then you can use your magic to blow down the vines.”
“I guess it doesn’t hurt to try I guess. Okay, here goes nothing, FLARE ARROW!”
The Flare Arrows hit their mark but it didn’t even scratch them.
“Just as I thought, magic resistant. Gee, Luna thinks of everything.”
“Okay if magic doesn’t work then why are you here?”
“Well the legend says “to aide,” so maybe I’ve done my duty already.”
“Come again?”
“Well you’re here aren’t you? Maybe my duty was to make sure you came.”
“And then the rest of it would be to make sure I go through with it right?”
“Makes sense, doesn’t it? Anyway enough talking, cut the vines!”
Zelgadis starts cutting and Lina decides this is taking too long, and pulls out a sword out of nowhere and helps Zelgadis. Zelgadis couldn’t help but be impressed. ‘She can use a sword, she’s a fairy, she’s good at magic, she’s either a good liar, doesn’t judge people on appearances, or her opinion of cute is way off, she’s smart, and she’s pretty cute.’ Zelgadis paused for a moment. ‘I think she’s cute? Where did that come from?’ He looks over to her slashing away with her sword. ‘Yeah she is cute, no doubt about that.’ ~Perhaps you just have a thing for the redheads.~ Zelgadis  scowled. Ever since Xellos and him had gotten their separate curses, they have had the ability to read each other’s minds. ‘Xellos just shut up you Fruitcake!’ (Relm gets a cross look on her face. Relm: Zelgadis couldn’t you refrain from calling him names?
Zelgadis: No.
Relm: Okay fine.) ~Hmm, a little touchy aren’t we?~ Zelgadis was just about to hit him when Lina came up behind him.
“Hey your Royal Highness? Earth to Prince Zelly? Are you there? Why did you stop?”
“Um nothing.”
And they continued cutting through the vines, with Zelgadis and Lina cutting, Filia guiding, and Sylphiel healing them whenever they needed it. Finally after many hours of weed whacking they got to the castle entrance. Climbing around they got into the castle. With Filia’s directions they found the slumbering Amelia. This was the first time any of them had seen Amelia since she was a little baby. She was beautiful, but Zelgadis didn’t think she was anything special.
(Amelia: WHAT????
Relm: -_- Don’t you even start with me!) Something about her bugged him, but he wasn’t sure what. One thing was for sure, she wasn’t his type.
“So now what do I do?”
“Kiss her of course.”
“Kiss her? She’s like 5 years younger than me! She’s too young.”
“Well unless you don’t want to break the curse you have to kiss her!”
“Who the hell made up a stupid thing like that?”
“Um, I did.”
“Just get on with it!”
Lina pushes Prince Zelgadis over to Amelia’s sleeping form. He leans over a bit to kiss Amelia, but stops, his head hovering over her face. Filia, Sylphiel, Mr. Xellos the Frog, and Lina are all watching with anticipation, holding their breaths. Zelgadis doesn’t do anything for a few minutes, and this starts to annoy Lina.
“Hello? A princess here is cursed? You’re supposed to kiss her, or did you forget?”
“Don’t rush me.”
He then closes his eyes and just goes for it. A quick light kiss and he backs away quickly. Everyone looks at Amelia, expecting her to wake up, she didn’t.
(Amelia: HUH?!! What happened?!!?! I’m supposed to wake up and marry Mister Zelgadis and live happily ever after!
Relm looks sheepish. Relm: Um, sorry maybe that’s how the original story went, but that’s not how mine goes. It wouldn’t be fare just to copy the whole story word for word now would it?
Amelia is quiet and sulks in the corner.
Relm: Hello? We still have a story to finish! Get back on the set!)
“What the! That should have worked!”
“What did the legend say exactly about me?”
“That a prince from Amelia’s past would come break through the vines and kiss the princess to wake her up.”
After hearing this Mr. Xellos the Frog jumps over to Amelia and hops onto her bed. The Frog now with a devilish smile on his slimy face goes and gives Amelia a wet one right on the lips.
(Xellos: Thank you Miss Relm.
Amelia: Ewe!!!!! Miss Relm why did you do that?!?!? I think I’m going to be sick.   
Relm: Heh, just you wait. The funs only begun. Mwhahahahahahah!)
“Why did he- ?”
Suddenly Princess Amelia starts to stir. She opens her eyes and looks up dreamily at Prince Zelgadis.
“My prince you came and lifted the curse from me!”
“Actually I didn’t.”
“Huh? If you didn’t who did?”
“Well this may be hard to believe, but it was that frog right next to you,” Lina says while snickering.
“WHAT??????!!!!! A FROG!!!!! EEEEEKKKKK!!!”
Zelgadis with an evil grin on his face makes a grandiose gesture at Xellos.
“May I introduce the 2nd crown Prince of Veldron my little brother (Starts to gag, but Relm comes in and hits him over the head.) Prince Xellos!”
“You’re brother’s a frog?”
“He wasn’t always. About 6 years ago we were traveling, I was forced to have him with me, over in a remote land. We didn’t even see more than 3 people before Xellos decided to piss someone off. Unfortunately, it was a very grumpy witch and to get back us for Xellos insulting her, she cursed me with this Chimera form and turned Xellos into a frog. She wouldn’t tell me how I can be cured but she told Xellos that to be cured all he has to do is have a princess kiss him.”
Mr. Xellos the Frog looks at Amelia with a very wide grin.
“No way! You aren’t expecting me to kiss that are you?!?!?!”
“Well he was the one who broke the curse so that would me that he’s your true love. So you kinda have to.”
“Oh alright.” Amelia looks at Xellos and very hesitantly goes to kiss him. She does with her eyes closed and suddenly he turns back into a human. Xellos was tall with shoulder length purple hair and presumably purple eyes too. He had on a black and tan noble’s outfit and he looked cute. Amelia looks starry eyed and blushes all over in the face. Xellos takes this opportunity to kiss her. Not just any kiss but one that causes him to fall on her because he kissed her so deeply.
(Xellos: Again I thank you Miss Relm.
Amelia: Oh this is sooo dreamy….)
The kissing goes on while the vines shrink and everyone wakes up. With the curse lifted everyone was joyous. King Phil was a little disappointed that it turned to be Xellos instead of Zelgadis, but that didn’t matter too much. That night a very large party was thrown to celebrate the lifting of two curses and Amelia and Xellos’ engagement. Though the party was fun Lina found herself getting bored. She decides to go get some fresh air out on the balcony. Expecting it to be empty Lina was surprised to find Prince Zelgadis.
“Why aren’t you out there enjoying the party?”
“With the way I look I don’t tend to enjoy gatherings like this.”
Lina was about to argue that statement but she was tired and didn’t feel like dealing with his self-delusions.
“So what are you going to do now?”
“Well with Xellos being the one to marry Amelia I’m a free man. I can go after anyone I want now.”
“What would she be like?” Lina says staring off to the stars.
“She would have to be smart and pretty...”
“That’s a must.”
“…non judgmental of appearances…”
“Completely understandable.”
“…good at magic and sword play…”
“Yeah that just makes it interesting.”
“…and she has to have red hair,” He said tilting her face up to him, and he kissed her.
(End of scene)
Relm: So guys what do you think?
Amelia (trying to pull Xellos off her who had his arms wrapped around her waist): It was a nice story but why couldn’t I end up with Mister Zelgadis. And why Mister Xellos instead?
Relm: Well you could put Xellos with anyone couple wise. Girls or guys.
Xellos: _-_ Very funny.
(Just in case you are wondering after  Amelia got Xellos to let go he started  floating in the air upside down.)
Relm: Anyway how did you two like it? (Looks over a Lina and Zelgadis. They were still kissing. In fact the kiss had intensified and they had their arms wrapped around each other and everything.) HEY YOU GUYS!!! The story is over! You can stop that now!
Lina & Zelgadis (breaks kiss apart and blushes bright red): Um, sorry.
Relm (chuckles softly to herself): That’s alright.
(A teenaged boy dressed in yellow and green with black hair walks in looking confused)
Teenaged Boy: Um excuse me could you tell me how to get to the Tendo Dojo?
Relm: Oh my god Ryoga!? Boy did you ever get lost. Man and into my fanfiction story too!
Ryoga: Fanfiction?
Relm: Oh well, here’s what you have to do, first go to a computer and on the Internet go to and search up Ranma ˝.
Ryoga: Computer? Internet? Search-what did you say?
Relm: Oh boy… It looks like I’m going to have to help you. I wonder where did you get lost from? Another fanfic perhaps? Maybe I should post something on the net like a lost and found box.
Ryoga: -_- I’m a person not a thing.
Relm: Oh well I’ll just finish off this and help you out.
Will Ryoga ever get back home?
Will Carbunkle ever truly defeat Noonsa the Flaming Fish Man?
Will I ever get Slayers Beyond finished?
Will I ever get around to making a fairy tale slayers fanfic about Sylphiel and Gourry?
Gourry: Huh?
Relm: Nevermind…
To the answer to these questions and a lot more just
ChibiRelm: Till next time!
Relm: Hey how did you get out?
Dr. Evil Relm: Mwhahahahahahahaha!!!
Relm: OH NO YOU TOO!!!
Dr. Evil Relm: You cannot escape! I have complete control! Mwhahahahahahahahahahah!!
Relm: ARGH!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Casa: I’m sorry but this fanfic has lost its control. Please click the mouse on the back option. This is has been a recording of Slayer’s Fanfiction Technical Services DS1.
Relm: Huh? You’re the tech voice message?
Casa: Yup you’d better end this fanfic quick before Carbunkle decides to join in.
Carbunkle: Heheh! You are powerless against me!!
Casa: Too late.
Relm (desperately tries to talk over the growing volume of the groups voices) Err, Aggh don’t do that! Um, this is the end, Hey don’t touch that it’s breakable! (rushes over to Dr. Evil Relm who is examining Relm’s collection of crystals)
Casa: -_- Oh brother. I’ll end it here: