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Yep, this is where the fanfics are all hiding. Unfortunately, I've only managed to write the first part of one fic. I have ideas for three more, but those will just have to wait! I'm one of those people who can only do one thing at once. ^.^;

I haven't found a title for this first one, namely because I only started it recently, and because it's not finished yet... so I don't really know what a good title would be yet!
Untitled Fanfic #1

*NEW*Also... check out the newest additions to the guesfics: Hansome Within and Chapters 2-5 of One Third Human!!
Hansome Within by Krillin's True Love
Sleeping Amelia by Relm
Roses by Mew-Chan
One Third Human by Shell Presto.
Blue Bunny Ice Cream by Eyo-Chan. Be sure to look at the fanart that goes with this one!
Also, please read the fanfic "Dawn" by SunStreak!

If you want to contribute your own works, email me!