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O.O Holy Toledo! Little Washu added a whole section of YKYWTMSW...! Check out the newest additions at the bottom! If you want to add a few, feel free to email!

1. You decide to dye your hair purple or green to match your favorite character.
2. Everytime you use a flashlight, you yell "Light come forth!"
3. You try to perfect the ability to nonchalantly jump two stories high.
4. You watch Star Wars, and think that they stole Gourry's sword.
5. You insist on wearing a cape everywhere you go.
6. You also insist on wearing a large red brooch everywhere you go.
7. Your answer to every question is "Sore wa himitsu desu."
8. People become increasingly annoyed by your rantings of justice.
9. You duck and cover every time you hear that familiar "clang clang" sound.
10. You regularly bathe in the river.
11. You can eat like Lina, and still not gain a pound!
12. You find guys in drag *very* attractive.
13. You memorize the Dragon Slave and whisper it against people who make you mad.
14. No one has ever seen your right eye.
15. You start blaming your wild rampages on Rezo, who obviously was controlling you to do his will.
16. You wake up one morning with pink eye and your eyes are crusted shut and you insist that it's because Shabranigdo is inhabiting them.
17. You start to believe that you can actually perform the Dragon Slave.
18. You glue rocks to your face and begin avoiding large cities.
19. Your email, sceen name, license plate, etc have a Slayers name in it.
20. You create a webpage for Slayers.
21. You are deathly afraid of fish.
22. You start breaking open every statuette in sight because you believe the Philosopher's Stone is hidden inside.
23. You dream of Slayers.
24. Your desktop is Slayers, your icons are Slayers, your Winamp Skin is Slayers, all your songs... well, you get the picture.
25. You create a list of YKYWTMSW.
26. Gourry's ideas start to sound good to you.
27. Even though you have a car, you insist upon walking everywhere, even if it'll take ten days to get there.
28. When you get in trouble for something, you tell people your copy did it.
29. You decide to sit for hours at a road crossing, waiting for any random prince to walk by.
30. You ask... "There's such thing as watching *too much* Slayers!?"
31. You tell people that a recent earthquake was the result of your Stone Spikers.
32. At your wedding, you insist to NOT kiss the bride.
33. Your excuse for not going on a date with someone is because "I am Mazoku."
34. And if that doesn't work, then you claim the guy has an extremely strong girl-repelling spell on him.
35. At your funeral you insist to be buried with all your Slayers stuff.
36. ...and they have to get a second coffin to fulfill your wishes.
37. You request to be buried next to your favorite Slayers character.
38. You begin having contests with Lina to see if you can eat as fast as her.
39. You try to lock an annoying younger sibling in a large empty hill.
40. Your excuse for not doing homework is because it's "that time of the month."
41. ...and you're a guy.
42. Your idea of a good play includes dangerous pyrotechnics and death-defying stunts with live-action swordfights and destructive magic spells.
43. You think it's normal to cut your hair with wire-cutters.
44. Your future dream house includes Slayers murals.
45. You apply Slayers quotes to everyday life.
46. You have a justice face on your index finger .
47. You wear a jellyfish costume .
48. . . . and it's not Halloween .
49. You hear inverse operation in math and everyone asks why you're giggling.
50. The entire student body is used to seeing Slayers quotes written on your arms, face, clothing . . . you get the picture.
51. You threatened to kill someone because they said they wouldn't return your tapes.
52. You try to convince everyone you're a member of the monster race.
53. You wonder where the battle was everytime you see a "peace sign".
54. People stop asking why you watch "cartoons" .
55. You're happy when "that time of tne month" comes because you think Zellgadis will kidnap you.
56. You have used the sentence "All I ask from life is to be Mrs. Zelgabunny.
57. You name your pets after your favorite characters .
58. You insist that your boyfriend glue rocks to his face before your seen together.
59. People from other schools recognize you because you were the only person at the last band competition with blue hair and rocks all over your face.
60. You set out on a quest to find the Clair Bible.
61. . . . and hope you'll run into Zell on the way.
62. You threaten to use the Dragu Slave on someone if you find they have named their pet after Zelgadis because you feel it is an insult.
63. You put all the slayers links in your favorites and then go through and click on all the sites with Zelgadis in their title.
64. You have never even seen the cartoon, you just happened to see a picture of Zelgadis/Lina and fell in love at first sight.
65. all your friends have Slayers names.
66. if you have ever been called "Strange Japanese wanna be person."
67. you drink tea while fighting
68. . . . and your on a lampost.
69. you have your boyfriend walk around with his eyes closed.
70. (if in band) you have enough pics to cover your instrument case.
71. . . . and you play pit equipment.
72. you ask the forein exchange student to translate the manga for you.
73. if you have ever had a Slayers pic on your head in public.
74. you panic when you lose a pic the size of a mustard seed.
75. you hear noises while alone and say,"Oh, it's just Xellos."
76. you've ever had the urge to use the phrase "Your a perpetual pain in my posterior."
77. you see someone with green earings and you wonder why they're not the size of your head. DIE FILIA! YOU MAY NOT HAVE XELLOS! HE'S MINE!
78. you think wearing only a vest is ok for any weather.
79. you watch british comedies and all you can think is"Man I swear Lina and Gourry will act like that when they're old."
80. your friends no longer wonder why you put the star of david on all your papers.
81. if you think by putting a certain word in said star you can control the weather.
82. the foreign exchange student knows to run from you on sight.
83. you have one or more pics of everyonejust in case.
84. your losing sight in one eye and somehow that makes you a monster.
85. if you ever blindfolded yourself and wandered around the house aimlessly.
86. if you have the urge to dress pigs in french maids uniforms.
87. if your scared of penguins.
88. if you have in infatuation with pots.
89. you ask every conjested irishman you see to say "That's a secret."
90. you've actually figured out using a dragon slave on your teacher won't work. (It never kills anyone.)
91. you long for your own fish man/woman to marry.
92. you've noticed all the titles inthe 1st series are in ABC order.
93. you spend your time giving lectures on how out of character fics are.
94. you have tried to convince your school to include more magic books in the library.
95. . . . and teddy bear ornaments.
96. . . . not to mention demon chickens.