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Zel Hotbar Skins

Ok I know that usually, under the skins section, people have Winamp skins and such.. welllll I just thought I'd be different, and make Hotbar skins! (That, and they're just a teense easier to make ^.^;) If you don't know what a Hotbar skin is, then to go and get some! Hotbar didn't post my skins because they're copyrighted material, but I can still show them on my site! Enjoy!

This first one is the one that I use. (To use them, save them into the directory your other Hotbars are in and then go to "My Private Collection" underneath the Hotbar symbol on your bar. Sorry if I sound complicated.. but that's how ya do it! If you have any troubles, you can always email me too.)

The rest of these are just experiments. They're really dark so I don't know if it's a good idea to use them.