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Random Thoughts

This is just a little section I thought up one day while going through all my Zel pics. Some pictures just look so funny that they have to be commented on. Others.. seem a bit... ironic. I'll update when I feel the need.

That's obviously Rezo in that picture (and not Kopii). So.. why's it look like he's reading that book? And is it just me, or is he wearing tiny specs in order to read it better? AND WHY IS HE USING ZEL AS AN ARMREST!!!??? Oh.. excuse me! I kinda lost my composure there... ^.^;;;
Are they slippers or bunnies!? It's hard to tell. Can you? Can you see which one looks like Zel? Nope, you'll have to look harder.... I think you've almost got it. No really, one *does* look like Zel, trust me! ::chants quietly:: It's *not* just in my head, it's *not* just in my head, it's *not* just in my head....