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About Chimerazel

Wow you really wanna know about *me*? I feel so special now!

Alrighty, well first off.. I guess I could flash a couple stats your way:

Color: Silver
Food: Anything Italian!
Ice Cream: Mint chip! Too bad it's not blue, it would look just like Zel!
Movie: Shawshank Redemption.. wow, what a movie.
TV Show: Slayers! (Betcha would have *never* guessed that!)
Song: Wow, I have lots. I suppose that right now, Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down would do. And.. anything that has to do with Zel!
Artist: Creed, 3 Doors Down, or Verve Pipe.
Music: Rock and JPop! And movie soundtracks!
Board Game: Trivial Pursuit. It deserves mention.
Smell: Burnt fish. ~.^ Actually it's any food. I guess I'm kinda like Lina. Eat now, think later!

Pet Peeves:
SLOW DRIVERS. Or at least, drivers who are slow in the fast lane.
Pulp at the bottom of my orange juice glass. ^.^ It's too schluppy!

Zel is:
1. The perfect guy! I wanna marry a guy just like him! Rocks and all! And if my future hubby doesn't like it, I'll always have Rezo to deal with him!
2. In my pocket.. I carry pics of him everywhere.
3. In my car too. ^.^
4. Um.. and in my computer of course! If you didn't read the list stuff in YKYWTMSW then go read it. He's ALL over my computer. And his theme is ALWAYS playing.
5. On my class notes. ^.^;
6. In my head when I'm bored during class. He talks to me. He plays guitar. I keep track of time by repeating Zelgadis no Theme in my head over and over.. cuz it's almost exactly 2 minutes long! Perfect time keeper!
7. The one who keeps me up late at night. I've never worked so hard on a webpage! And it'll continue getting better!

Random Fact: My mom calls me Lina because I talk so much after eating a good meal. I can also eat like a pig and not gain a pound! I learned from the best! ^.^

I'm evil... are YOU?