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I have always thought that zel and amelia made a cute couple. that is what my story is about.
Hansome Within
    The morning air was crisp, and the smells of spring was heavenly. Lina, Gourry, Xelloss and Filia were still fast asleep. Zel was leaning against a tree, and Amelia was looking at him. She had noticed he had been extremely quiet lately, and his current position wasn't helping the suspition very much. Amelia had caught Zel stareing at her once or twice, and had a funny felling that he had something important to tell her. Since everyone was asleep, and Zel didn't seem very busy, Amelia stood up, and walked to Zel quietly.
    "Hello?" Amelia blurted, scareing herself AND Zel. "Um.......are you...ok?" Zel looked up at her a moment, grinned, shook his head, and went back to la la land. Amelia could tell he was lieing, so she approuched even closer. "Zel? Umm.....hey?! YOU THERE?" Zel, again, looked up. He stared at Amelia, and for a moment, seemed to talk with her using his eyes. Amelia could tell he was sad, but over what, she coudn't see. "Zel.." she had said, "What's wrong? Your sad lately..." Zel was still stareing at her, and blushed a deep red. Amelia stood clueless, and tryed again, "Well? What's wrong? You know you can always tell me.." Zell sighed, "Nothing...." he mumbled (still blushing). Amelia was getting steamed. She walked about three inches infront of Zel, leaned in until her nose touched him, and said "TELL ME....." Zel was still blushing, (not to mention that anime sweatdrop), and smiled weakly. "Well, Amelia.." he said softly, "I have a crush on someone, and I'm too scared to tell her..." Amelia smiled and giggled at the same time. She didn't bother asking who the girl was,because she knew Zel would NEVER tell her. Instead, she asked, "Why not tell her?" Zel turned his head to the side, and sighed. "Well....look at me...." Amelia did so, and finished with a "What?". Zel, by this time, was ready to scream. He was really mad at himself for no apperent reason. Amelia again asked questions, and finally, Zel answerd, "She so pretty...and I'm.....ugly as sin.." Amelia was outraged at Zel's remarks, "You are not!" She kept saying, "Your a sweetie pie! Being cute is only a bonus!" Zel snickerd at the "sweetie pie" remark, and smiled back at her. "You REALLY beleive that?" he asked, leaning tworeds her a little. Amelia nodded, and noticed Zel was getting a little too close... " ok?" Zel again smiled, grabbed Amelia's arm, and pulled her in to give her a big hug. Amelia smiled weakly, and hugged Zel back. "Thanks." he said,taking Amelia's hands, "Now I can.." Amelia waited for his words, but was surprised when nothing came out. She suddenly felt happy inside, after Zel put his hands on her waist. She then noticed she had a crush on him, therefore she started blushing. Zel noticed, and laughed quietly. He stared into her eyes again, and, once more, talked to her with his eyes. Amelia talked back, and after a few minutes of quiet, they kissed each other softly on the lips. Amelia was stunned, as was Zel, but they both seemed to enjoy it, and kissed each other again. After that kiss, Zel became a bit "brave". He started to kiss her continuously, and was sort of rubbing her back a bit. (Amelia liked that part...) After a while, they stopped. Amelia leaned against Zel's chest, and sighed happily, while closeing her eyes. Little did she know, everyone had been watching for a while. Zel noticed, and blushed completely red. All of a sudden, everyone busted out laughing. Zel began to laugh as well, and Amelia's "nap" came to a startleing end. Amelia stepped back from Zel, and stood incredibly emberrased and surprised. Zel laughed even harder, and soon stopped when Xelloss blurted "AWWWWWWWWW (sarcasticly)" Zel straed at him, and while the others roared wih laughter, and he took Amelia's hand, and gave her another passionate kiss. (just to go "nah nah nah na nah!" in his own way- but he still meant it ^_^ ) Amelia and Zel smiled at each other, and went back to face thier immature, but open, friends.
by: "Krillin's True Love"