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Zel Fanart Page 1

These are some pictures that I drew. They're not the best in the world, but they're not *that* bad... I hope... ^.^; Maybe someday I'll even get some color pics in here! These are all just portions of the whole picture.

My first one of Zel, I can't say it's very good.. ^.^;

Muuuuch better! Except that his head's a little crooked but hey, who's perfect?

Ooh yeah I like this one.. How his hair is all wild and stuff! Yay! (Might I add he looks a bit surprised???)

I like how his eyes are shut in this one.

*Sigh* Zel and me.. me and Zel... (haha yeah that's me!!!)

Ok yeah, I really like this one. It's like Romeo and Juliet, when Romeo's just found that Juliet is "dead" and right before she wakes up from her sleep. That's Lina as Juliet BTW.

Zelgadis is the *perfect* Phantom of the Opera! I like his cape-thingy!