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The Other Blue Guys

This is a page dedicated to the other blue guys in anime, cartoons, and other such stuff on TV. If you have one to add, tell me!

Sonic! *sigh* Now that I look back I realize that Sonic was my first anime love. What I mean is, Sonic was the first anime I ever watched that I liked. Sheesh people... ^.^; (Thank you to Savanna for the pic!)
Smurfs. Who hasn't seen them? Hehe.. They're the smurfiest bunch of smurfs that ever smurfed... (Thank you to Kristy Lynne for this pic!)
Freakazoid! Hey, even computer geeks need a mascot... myself included.. heh. ^.^; (Thank you to Joe for this picture!)
SPOOOON! I love the Tick. He's so funny. Especially those antennae things on his head... o.O
Well, I wasn't too sure about Bob here. In some of the pics I looked at he was green! *ulp* Maybe he just had a bad skin day. I like his hair. It's so shiny-looking! And silver! (Thank you to Adam for this pic!)
Haha, who can forget Gonzo? That huge nose, his lack of eyebrows... he fits right in on this page! (Thank you to Dan for this picture!)
Kurt Wagner AKA Nightcrawler from X-Men Evolution ... ^.^ (Thank you to vze2bbmj for this pic!)
Thanks to Icesage for pointing out that Zarbon from DBZ is a blue guy. Thanks to Princess Kyley for this pic.
Icesage also added Genie from Aladdin as well! Thanks to acdisney for the Genie pic.